Hello folks,

I am David Tran. You can call me a furious traveler, day dreamer. But I myself feel proud to identify myself as a travel blogger. I have been traveling around the world since last 5 years.

I have traveled some small countries such as Philippines, Thailand, India, and Nepal.

I have started blogging from last year. I am not even regular at blogging. I write sometimes for my blog. The reason behind starting the blog is to share my experience and thought.

I want to share every details, problems, advantages or disadvantages of traveling a country (The countries that I have traveled already)

PapasRoadTrip is my blog and I am developing the site for my community readers. I want to help them in every possible way I can. From managing visa to where to find cheap hotels or motels. From the royal restaurants to cheapest food of the city.

I want to help the travelers who has a tight budget. Because I’m also one of them.

They say save money and travel but I say go for go now to travel. You won’t be able to save money to travel someday. If your priority is traveling money doesn’t matter.

I have some plans to help my readers. I hope I can update the ideas soon.

Stay connected and feel free to contact with me anytime. I will reach you asap.