The top speed of a yamaha v star 650 is around 110 mph. The v star 650 is a reliable, stylish, and affordable motorcycle that is perfect for beginners or experienced riders looking for a cruiser-style bike.

This entry-level cruiser bike has been on the market for over two decades, impressing riders with its handling, performance, and comfort. The yamaha v star 650 is a popular choice among rider enthusiasts due to its sleek design, comfortable riding position, and affordability.

This mid-sized cruiser bike is powered by a 649cc engine capable of producing 40 horsepower and a top speed of around 110 mph. The v star 650 offers a smooth shifting 5-speed transmission, enhancing the rider’s control and handling of the bike. Additionally, the v star 650 has a low fuel consumption, making it a practical and reliable motorcycle for daily commutes or long-distance rides. Overall, the yamaha v star 650 remains an iconic and well-loved motorcycle in the cruiser bike line-up.

Yamaha V Star 650 Top Speed

The Yamaha V Star 650

The yamaha v star 650 is a classic cruiser motorcycle that can provide an enjoyable and smooth ride for beginners and experienced riders alike. Its 650cc engine delivers enough power to satisfy most riders, while its ergonomic design and maneuverability make it a popular choice for longer trips and cruising around town.

Engine, Power Output And Key Features:

  • The yamaha v star 650 is equipped with a 650cc air-cooled v-twin engine that provides a smooth and consistent power output.
  • The engine produces a maximum of 40 horsepower and 37lb-ft of torque, which is enough to provide a thrilling ride.
  • The bike features a five-speed transmission that shifts smoothly and efficiently, making it easy to accelerate or decelerate as needed.
  • Some of the key features of the yamaha v star 650 include its classic styling, comfortable seating, ample storage space, and easy-to-read instrumentation.

Maneuverability And Handling Characteristics:

  • The yamaha v star 650’s lightweight design and low center of gravity make it extremely maneuverable and easy to handle.
  • The bike’s suspension is designed to absorb bumps and ruts in the road, making for a comfortable ride.
  • The v star 650 features aluminum wheels that are light and strong, providing excellent handling and a smooth ride.
  • The bike’s low seat height and forward-mounted footpegs put the rider in an optimal riding position for better control and balance.
  • The v star 650’s dual-piston front disc brakes and rear drum brakes provide reliable stopping power and control.

The yamaha v star 650 is an excellent choice for riders looking for a cruiser motorcycle that is both stylish and easy to handle. Its key features, powerful engine, and maneuverability make it a popular choice for riders of all skill levels.

Top Speed Performance

Dive Into The Details Of The Yamaha V Star 650’S Top Speed Performance Capabilities

The yamaha v star 650 is a popular cruiser motorcycle that is loved by many riders. One of the most compelling reasons that people gravitate toward the v star 650 is its impressive top speed performance capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key aspects of this motorcycle’s top speed.

Acceleration And Power

The v star 650 is powered by a four-stroke, air-cooled, v-twin engine that packs quite a punch. Its acceleration is smooth and predictable, making it easy to reach high speeds quickly. Let’s dive into some of the specifics:

  • The v star 650 has a maximum horsepower of 40 hp at 6000 rpm
  • Its maximum torque is 37 lb-ft at 3500 rpm
  • This motorcycle can reach a top speed of approximately 110 mph (177 km/h)

Braking System

As any rider knows, a powerful braking system is just as important as a robust engine when it comes to achieving high speeds. Without responsive brakes, the risks of riding a motorcycle become higher. Here are some details about the v star 650’s braking system:

  • The v star 650’s braking system consists of dual-piston calipers and wave-style brake discs
  • The front brake features a 298 mm hydraulic disc, while the rear brake has a 200 mm drum.


To reach higher speeds, a motorcycle must be designed with optimal aerodynamics. The v star 650 was built with a focus on reducing wind resistance to maximize its speed capabilities. Some of its aerodynamic features include:

  • A teardrop-shaped fuel tank to minimize wind drag
  • A low-slung saddle that reduces a rider’s overall height and thereby increases the effectiveness of aerodynamics

Suspension System

The suspension system of a motorcycle plays a major role in its speed handling capabilities. The v star 650 was designed to provide a comfortable and smooth ride, even at high speeds. Here are some details about its suspension system:

  • The front fork suspension is telescopic, while the rear suspension is an adjustable link-type unit
  • The v star 650’s suspension system offers a travel distance of 5.5 inches (140 mm) in the front, and 3.9 inches (100 mm) in the rear

The yamaha v star 650’s top speed performance capabilities are truly remarkable. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling and speedy ride or a comfortable cruising experience, the v star 650 is sure to impress.

Safety And Performance Enhancements

Yamaha v star 650 top speed – safety and performance enhancements

If you’re looking for a powerful bike that can offer both performance and elegance, the yamaha v star 650 is an excellent choice. With its 40 cubic-inch v-twin engine and classic design, this bike can deliver a maximum speed of up to 110 mph.

However, when it comes to reaching this bike’s top speed, there are some safety concerns that you should address. Here are some essential safety and performance enhancements to ensure that you can maximize the yamaha v star 650’s full potential.

Upgrade Your Bike’S Tires

The maximization of a bike’s top speed heavily depends on the quality of the tires. Slightly worn or substandard tires can significantly affect your bike’s performance, especially at high speeds. Here are some recommended upgrades for the yamaha v star 650’s tires:

  • Replace the bike’s tires with high-performance tires that offer better grip.
  • Use tires with a soft compound to enhance traction on wet roads without sacrificing the tire’s overall durability.
  • Upgrade your bike’s tires with wider tires that can improve road grip and stability.

Improve The Bike’S Suspension

The suspension plays a critical role in ensuring your safety when riding at high speeds. A bike with poorly-maintained or weak suspension systems can lead to an unstable ride, putting both the rider and the passenger at risk. Here are some ways to improve your bike’s suspension:

  • Upgrade the bike’s suspension system with high-performance shocks and springs. This can help absorb vibrations and improve overall handling.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain your suspension system to ensure it’s functioning at its peak capacity.
  • Adjust the suspension system to conform to your riding style and type of terrain.

Wear Proper Protective Gear

High speeds can create added danger to any ride. When riding the yamaha v star 650, it is recommendable to wear the proper protective gear. Here are some gears worth considering:

  • Full-face helmet offering impact protection and improved visibility.
  • Armored jackets, pants, and boots to prevent injuries in case of an accident.
  • Gloves for enhanced grip and preventing hand injuries.
  • Eye protection gear for both protection from the sun and debris along the ride.

Invest In Quality Brakes

Quality braking systems can be lifesavers, especially when you need to slow down or stop at high speeds. Here are some critical brake enhancements to consider for yamaha v star 650:

  • Install upgraded brake pads that provide better stopping power and control.
  • Upgrade to oversized brake rotors with a superior heat dissipation element.
  • Install stainless steel-braided brake lines for improved braking feel and modulation.

Maintain Your Bike

Frequent maintenance can help prevent potential safety concerns and address performance issues before they worsen. Here are some tips for regular maintenance of the yamaha v star 650:

  • Keep the bike’s engine in good condition by regularly inspecting and changing its oil.
  • Clean the air filter frequently to ensure that the engine is running with clean, cold air.
  • Ensure that the brake systems are properly lubricated and not worn out.
  • Check tire pressure before each ride to avoid accidents due to incorrect tire pressure.

By following these safety and performance enhancements, you can improve your yamaha v star 650’s top speed while ensuring your safety and that of your passenger. Always adhere to traffic rules and regulations and ride responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Yamaha V Star 650 Top Speed

What Is The Top Speed Of Yamaha V Star 650?

The top speed of yamaha v star 650 is 105 mph.

Is Yamaha V Star 650 A Good Beginner Bike?

Yes, yamaha v star 650 is a great beginner bike due to its low center of gravity and manageable power.

What Is The Fuel Efficiency Of Yamaha V Star 650?

Yamaha v star 650 has an average fuel efficiency of around 50 mpg.

What Is The Weight Of Yamaha V Star 650?

The weight of yamaha v star 650 is around 500 pounds.

Is Yamaha V Star 650 Suitable For Long Rides?

Yes, yamaha v star 650 is suitable for long rides with its comfortable seating and adaptable suspension.


After analyzing the yamaha v star 650’s top speed and overall performance, it’s safe to say that this cruiser is a great option for both beginners and seasoned riders. The manageable power and impressive design cater to those in search of a reliable and stylish bike.

While the reported top speed may not be the fastest on the market, the v star 650’s attributes shine through in other areas. Its lightweight build and comfortable ride make for an enjoyable experience on any road. Plus, the affordable price point and impressive fuel economy even further validate the v star 650’s appeal.

If you’re in the market for a reliable cruiser that won’t break the bank, the yamaha v star 650 might just be the perfect fit.

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