Ozark Trail 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

It is named after the actual hiking trail in the highlands of Ozarks Missouri, in the central US. Ozark Trail is a sporting and outdoor brand dedicated to providing outdoor lovers with quality and innovative gear so that you can enjoy the outdoors.

The Ozark Trail 8 Person Tent is a portable, cabin-style polyester tent to shelter eight persons. This article will discuss the Ozark Trail 8 person instant cabin tent review to clarify your confusion.

Ozark Trail 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Ozark Trail 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Features at a glance:

  • Easy 60-second setup
  • No assembly required
  • Poles pre-attached to the tent
  • Sleeps 4-6
  • It fits two queen airbeds
  • The facility of room divider to create a two-room tent
  • Includes rainfly with factory sealed seams
  • Five windows
  • Freestanding frame design
  • Electrical cord access
  • Tent stakes and Carry bag included
  • Measures: 13′ x 9′


Ozark Trail 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent-SetupThe Ozark Trail 8 person tent is a class of camping tents that are much easier to set up than ever before. You can easily set up this tent in seconds with two persons. You can unpack it from a bag, unfold, and then extends it. This instant cabin tent will take two persons to set up anywhere between 30 and 60 seconds.

Other elements that come with the tent that may take a few additional seconds to set up may include the removable rainfly (when rain is forecast), the tent stakes, and the electrical cord access.

Ozark Trail 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent-electrical cord


This tent includes a door that easily allows average height persons to access it. The Ozark Trail also comes with a room divider. That allows for privacy or personal preference spatial demarcation.


Ozark Trail 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent-SizeThis camping tent is large and fits up to 2 queen airbeds. The tent footprint is 13′ x 9′ and up to 5′ 8″ head height for the door, allowing for easy access for average height persons, which Proves that it is a very spacious tent.

It fits two queen airbeds, which means it comfortably shelters 4 to 6 people, giving them enough room to sleep, lounge, and keep personal storage for easy access.


Ozark Trail 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent-VentilationThe Ozark Trail 8 person tent comes equipped with enough openings to allow for adequate ventilation. There are five windows total, including three large windows and a door with two windows. There is wind access and ample opportunity for view all around, except when the removable rainfly is applied, limiting the sky view.


The entire tent fits into its travel bag shape that it folds out of without detaching. Which makes the instant cabin tent easily portable, and also it comes with interior gear organizers.

One can be found on each side of the tent, making it easier for one to access their belongings no matter what side of the tent they are on. The tent also comes with backpacks that can be very useful when organizing a trip.



  • Good ventilation
  • Rainfly
  • Mesh Roof
  • Detachable Mud ma
  • Easy setup
  • Weatherproof
  • Six-month replacement warranty on parts


  • A single person may find it difficult to collapse and pack the tent
  • Angled entry allows for rain if left open

Final Words

Reviews place this product anywhere from 4 to 5 stars as it has proven to be a fairly reliable and sturdy camping tent. The main problems seem to revolve around this being an eight-person tent. The Ozark Trail 8 person instant cabin tent has been used primarily by five-person families or camping groups.

Some say, “No way could eight people sleep in without discomfort.” This tent is most likely due to a lack of storage space and enough space for each person. Other complaints mention the packing up. This tent seems to be a lengthier process than many anticipated, especially given how quickly this tent is set up.

Suppose you follow the instructions correctly, including removing the stakes, lines, rainfly, and collapsing the structural poles in the proper sequence. In that case, you can pack up this tent as quickly as possible. It’s important to remember that two persons can quickly set up and take down the tent. This tent will make you proud of the camp and allow you to spend more time enjoying the wonderful outdoors.

I hope that you like this Ozark Trail 8 person instant cabin tent review. If you have more questions on your mind, please comment below, and our team will reach you with your solution.

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