3 Best Nishiki Bike Reviews in 2020 [Buyer’s Guide]

The first bike or bicycle form the Nishiki Company, marketed by American Eagle, was launched in 1965. Then the name of the company changed and the manufacture sold the bikes under the brand Nishiki. After that, Nishiki joined with West Coast Cycle and started to market the bikes in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden and also in the US market!

And till now, the company is running with pride and glory! Whenever it comes to bikes, the name of Nishiki stays always in the first row!

So, you already know that they are popular for their high-quality, performance and durability. Now, we will talk about the best bikes by Nishiki! Let’s dive in!

Where to Buy the Nishiki bikes?

Where to Buy the Nishiki bikesNishiki is basically a bicycle brand and the bicycles of this brand are basically designed and marketed by West Coast Cycle in the US. The bikes or bicycles are manufactured in Kobe, Japan by Kawamura. The bikes of this brand are sold from 1965 and till now, the brand is running the company with pride.

If you want to get their bikes, you can get them in the market. Along with this, you will be able to find these bikes on Amazon, eBay, and other online shops. All you need to do is go through the features and other details to know which one to buy. And then, order it online. You will see your bike without some days!

Top 3 Best Nishiki Bike Reviews to Check

Nishiki Bike Reviews

1. Nishiki Boys Pueblo 20” Mountain Bike

Nishiki Boys Pueblo 20” Mountain Bike

Highlighted Features

  • Wheels: 20 inch
  • Weight: 29.10 lbs
  • Brake levers and steel seat
  • Steel grips and resin handlebar
  • Alloy linear-pull
  • Suspension for and kickstand bracket
  • Easy to operate linear-pull brakes

When it comes to bikes, we all know how popular Nishiki bikes are. These are ones that are loved by the users. And this bike is the best deal for anybody who loves to go for a mountain bike. This bike basically comes in two different colors. If you love vibrant colors and want to live a colorful life, go for the orange bike. If you are more of a neutral color lover, the black one will suit you perfectly!

The weight of the bike is more or less 29.10 lbs. As the name says, this bike has 20-inch wheels. If you are a person who wants to go for adventures and love outdoor fun, this is the best bet for you. On the other hand, this mountain bike is also sturdy as it has hi-ten heat-treated steel as a construction material.

It has an oversized down tube along with aluminum pedals. Brake levers are of high-quality and it also includes kickstand bracket Fork. The steel seat also makes you feel that this is going to afford you a long-lasting service. Steel grips, resin handlebar, and sport saddle seat post make it comfortable and easy to use for everyone!

Along with all these features, this baby has front suspension so that it can absorb bumps. So, even if you are going through tough uneven roads, you don’t need to worry anymore! For selecting the right gear, you have Shimano Revo twist shifter too!

2. Nishiki Trekking Men’s Bike Master N8

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Highlighted Features

  • Tires width: 40 mm
  • Weight: 17.2 kg
  • Tires size: 28 inches
  • Construction with aluminum
  • Easy to operate
  • V-brakes and coaster brakes added
  • Comfortable seating facility
  • Internally geared hub

If you are ready for trekking and want to ultimate fund out of it, the best thing you can go for is this Nishiki Trekking Men’s N8 Bike. Trekking has never been such fun and you will know this if you are with this Nishiki Bike. The touring frame system makes it the best for outdoor activities. Also, the material of the frame is durable as it is made with aluminum.

This includes a suspension fork that makes it easy for you to operate this bike. On the other hand, the suspension fork is 40 mm. It is basically an internally geared hub and the gear no. is 8. It weighs about 17.2 kg. The width of the front and rear tires is about 40 mm and the size is about 28 inches. The hollow chamber system allows you to travel anywhere you want. It helps you go through the toughest roads without any complications.

So, if you are here to get the right bike for your trekking experience, you must have your hands on this one. The rear brakes of this bike are basically coaster brake. It ensures that you do not get into any sort of difficulties while riding.

Also, you are able to protect yourself from any sort of accident. The front brakes are basically V-brake and help you to do the braking work faster than the other bikes. As the construction material of this bike is aluminum, you already know that the quality is high. On the other hand, the seat is very comfortable to seat. Also, once if you buy it, this will serve you for years! If you want an amazing service from this bike, you must buy it first!

3. Nishiki Cresta GT Vintage Touring Bike

Nishiki Cresta GT Vintage Touring Bike

Highlighted Features

  • Wheel Size: 27 inches
  • Vintage in design
  • Includes DIA-COMPE brake levers
  • Construction material is chrome seamless steel
  • Includes altered shifter bosses
  • Includes SR stem
  • Red fire engine

If you are up for a touring bike or a road bike, this can help you out! This professional bike is great for everyone who is interested in road bikes. The wheel size of this bike is 27 inches. There are people that love modern bikes and there are also people that like vintage bikes. This bike is designed in a vintage model to experience the vintage vibe.

The “Dia-compe” brake levers are great. Along with this, the Nishiki bikes include cantilever levers Dia-Compe. The red fire engine will amaze you too. The construction material of this baby is a cromo seamless double-butted material. So, you will never be in trouble with the durability of this boy. On the other hand, it has narrow fork blades. Also, altered shifter bosses are incredible. The SR stem along with the SR Laprade seat post will ever let you ride uncomfortably.

Buying guide for Nishiki Bikes

Buying guide for Nishiki BikesYou do not get bikes every day. The brand Nishiki includes both luxurious and affordable bikes in their collection. However, spending too much money on a bike that doesn’t afford you what you want is not the right decision.

So, before you purchase any bike, you must know your own requirements. Let us know what things you need to consider purchasing Nishiki bikes.

  • Construction Material: Whenever you are going for a bike for outdoor activities, you must check the construction material. Yes, getting the right material is the first and foremost thing here. If you are ready to pay a good sum of money, you will get a lightweight frame. Lightweight frames are easy to operate and bear. Also, frames made of aluminum or carbon fiber are great when it comes to this. High-strength steel is another choice for the perfect bikes.
  • Ride Types: Now, the perfect bike for everyone might not be the perfect one for you. Bikes depend on the ride types. If you are a person who is interested in avid cycling, you should go for conventional road bikes. On the other hand, you might love to go for a leisurely ride on a flat bike. In this case, you can go for a comfort bike. Mountain bikes should be your choice if you like to go for rugged trails!
  • Brakes: Go for the bikes that include more than one sort of brakes. There are brakes like V-brakes, caliper brakes, cantilever brakes, and linear-pull brakes. If you want high performance, you can have faith in disc brakes.
  • Handlebars: Go for high-rise handlebars. These are great for aiding you in sitting upright. This will also help you in improving your riding position. And a result, you will ride properly. However, there are people who don’t like handlebars as these don’t make them comfortable. In that case, switch it with the stem!
  • Additional Accessories: When it comes to bikes, you are paying a good sum of money here. And so, the additional gears also matter. With the bike, ensure that you are getting a bike helmet. Along with this, cycling shoes are very important. When you ride bikes, you will see vibrations. To control this, gloves are great. For covering your eyes, the best thing is polycarbonate glasses! Also, go for a hot water bottle to keep you thirst-free all day!

What are the Customers talking about Bikes?

What are the Customers talking about BikesWhen it comes to Nishiki bikes, we always hear that the bikes of this brand are amazing. However, before you buy it, you must know what the users of these bikes say! As everything comes with positive and negative aspects, we must know the pros and cons in detail.

First of all, according to users, Nishiki bikes are beginner-friendly. When you are a newbie in a bike’s world and want to start and grow with your bike, your first choice must be Nishiki. On the other hand, the frame is rock solid. So, you will never need to think about the durability of the bikes.

The drivetrain of the bikes is incredible.  No matter how much we ignore, looks matter! The case is the same as Nishiki bikes. These are incredibly stunning in outlook. These are great choices for being a hybrid between mountain and road bikes. For trekking, bikes are also great. The brakes are properly set and the best part is Nishiki bikes include disc brakes that most of the bikes don’t include.

The only drawback of Nishiki bikes according to the customers is the weight. Usually, Nishiki bikes weight too much to bear. But here, you have to keep in mind that these are made of steel. And so, you cannot expect steel products to weigh less. In our case, we vote for the durability more than the weight!

Parcel Up

So, now you already know how wonderful the Nishiki bikes are. If you are a bike lover and want to travel and have amazing outdoor rides, you must settle for the right bikes. Our sole purpose is to serve you with your perfect choice when it comes to bikes!

Go for the bikes we have mentioned here and you will never regret it. All you need to do is choose the best one that suits your desires and you are ready for the game!

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