Compared to other vehicles, investing in a motorcycle is a lot cheaper and easier.  It is more convenient to travel around the busy streets of the city and more refreshing when you travel to the countryside’s. To free yourself from stress, you can just ride your motorcycle and drive around the remote places in your city to find peace.

How to Get a Title for a Motorcycle-intro

Owning and maintaining a motorcycle may be easy but it does not mean that there are no documents needed to become the actual owner of it. To travel anywhere legally, make sure that the motorcycle you are riding comes with a title and the important documents to prove that you are the owner.

If you want to own one of it and wondering how to get a title for a motorcycle, here are the steps that will guide you to solve your problems.

Typically, if you buy a motorcycle, the seller will provide an endorsement and title certificate that will help you to apply for a new title under your name. Just in case that the original title is not on hand, there are some state that allows you to use the bill of sale instead of an endorsement to get a title. If you stick with this process, submit your application to the motor vehicle authority in your state/city.

To make this all possible, simply follow the steps provided in this article so you will know about

How To Get a Title For a Motorcycle

How to Get a Title for a Motorcycle


Since each state comes with different procedures and asks for different legal documents, visit the local office of the motor vehicle in your state. Ask them the guidance on what are the procedures to get a title for your motorcycle.

Sometimes, the procedure of getting a title for your motorcycle is just like getting a title for your cars or trucks. Aside from that, you can ask further questions regarding on the requirements for a valid bill of sale because there are motor vehicle authorities that provides bill of sale forms that includes the titling regulations.

Before you head out to the office, do not forget to get the appropriate title application and an empty bill of sale for more convenience. Another way to make these processes a lot easier is that some states had this forms available online. You can just download and print it if you already knew the procedures and don’t want to waste any time.


Since you already had your bill of sale, determine if it was anchored with the state’s titling regulations. Typically, the bill of sale must contain contact information and signatures of the bother parties, the buyer and the seller. The identification details of the motorcycle as well as the price sale must be provided. There are also some instances that the engine number of the motorcycle number is also required in the bill of sale. If all the requirements or some those are not provided in your bill of sale, you should immediately contact the seller to help you with this matter.


As what I have mentioned above, each motor vehicle authorities from different state comes with different application. With that, identify your motorcycle and yourself in order to complete a title application. Mostly, a single application form can be used for other purposes as long as it is related. So make sure you specifically indicate that your application is for the new title of your motorcycle under your name.


After you completed the title application and bill of sale requirement, bring it together to your local DMV and submit it with the required fees. If you don’t have enough time to carry out the documents personally, alternative way is to send the documents through mail together with the fees to the exact address of the office.

Once your application has been processed, there will be a new title issued under your name for your newly purchased motorcycle with the accordance to local procedures.


To travel legally anywhere and anytime you wanted, make sure you have these documents provided. Aside from the title of your motorcycle, don’t forget to always bring with you your driver’s license. If you don’t have one, don’t attempt to drive any vehicles because you will be fined for doing such hilarious actions. If you lack of something in the requirement, the only person that can help you is the seller of the motorcycle.

Having your own title for your new vehicle is very important. Not only for purposes like legal travelling but also for safety purposes. There are some instances that your newly purchased motorcycle can get stolen in the car park. With your own title, you can just easily file a case in the police station near you and it can be easily tracked down.

If you happen to live in a state where the motorcycle company will be the one to provide the ownership title of your newly purchased motorcycle, you are very lucky.

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