To perfectly adjust sag according to your preference, you will need a perfectly suitable shock pump for your mountain bike. You are here because you wanted the best mountain bike shock pump. But the term ‘best’ varies from user to user for their personal likings.

Mountain Bike Shock Pump

I will feature some mountain bike shock pumps, each best of their kinds. I included some digital shock pumps too; you will find necessary information if you are looking for a digital shock pump.

Featured shock pumps are listed above. If it seems a bit confusing, to get the perfect pump – you will need to consider some aspects and specs. I just wanted to put them in an orderly manner in the table above. It will help you to find an appropriate shock pump for yourself. All the shock pumps stated above has an analog meter otherwise mentioned digital shock pump.

If using the shock pump while on a run, you will want a portable one. On the other hand, if you want to use it in your workshop – you will need a powerful shock pump regardless of the size.

I will now start to review the pumps straight. Some other specs (Not Mentioned on The Table) are also needed to fine-tune your choice. I will put up them in my review, but those will be scattered and served by necessity. If you want to read them in a more organized manner before browsing shock pump suggestions (I strongly suggest that you do if this your first time purchasing a shock pump), click here.

Best Mountain Bike Shock Pump in 2021

Best Mountain Bike Shock Pump

Best Portable Mountain Bike Shock Pump

1. SKS MSP Mountain Suspension Pump for Bicycles

You might see this article as an SKS praiser. Portable or High-performer, no matter what you want – SKS occupies the top place. It is not the smallest shock pump out there, but it is smaller than the most. But the real wonder is how rigid this specific shock pump is. The whole pump is made of stainless steel. Even the hose is made of stainless mesh.

You can detach the hose totally. It ensures its’ utter portability.

The thing that amazed me the most is its’ efficiency. It is the most efficient shock pump discussed here. It even defeats the High-Performer shock pumps too counting the efficiency. You will need to stroke 86 times to reach 150 psi. In my opinion, this is the most important aspect to look at. Weight 10-20 gram more or less, length 10-20mm doesn’t matter. Because most probably you’ll carry it within a bag. The thing that matters is how fast you’d be done with it. You will get to your desired psi fast and off to ride again, fast.

Pressure release is tuned by a dial. Dials are more efficient than buttons. You can release your desired amount of pressure by dial than a button more accurately.

The gauge supports up to 290 psi. Gauge limit wouldn’t be a problem for the most.

Gauge reading is accurate than the most. You will get 79 psi at 80 psi reading.

The Hose seal is very good. No pressure is lost due to attaching or detaching it.

Remarkable features

  • Most efficient, only 86 approx. to reach 150 psi
  • Robust build, fully stainless.
  • Two-stage thread connector ensures no loss of pressure.
  • Detachable hose.
  • Pressure released by a dial.
  • Gauge limit: 290 psi
  • Accurate gauge reading.
  • No pressure loss.

Things I didn’t like

  • It will be a false notification if I say I didn’t like the handle, but it is round-shaped and small. I know many people who like their pumps handle to be a t-handle. According to them, it is a bit uncomfortable. I thought this is mandatory to make the pump more portable. Anyway, SKS USP changed this thought. A t-handle is very nicely implemented there and that can be portable.

2. Rambo R107 Buzzy’s Pollinator 300 PSI Shock Pump

The SKS MSP grasped the first place in this portable segment for its accuracy and efficacy. But if you need portability with comfort, I present you with the Rambo R107 shock pump.

This shock pump is kind of a deviation from other shock pumps of this article. It can inflate tires too! This gives this shock pump the ultimate portability. You do not have to carry two pumps. Now one can do it all.

Another good thing to mention is its’ accessories provided. You will get a RockShox SID adaptor along with the inflation needle.

Another notable thing is it also has a very large gauge.

And the pressure gauge can be detached! Very handy while tossing into your bag!

Button bleed valve, anti-leak chuck for less air loss. But a little amount of pressure would still be lost though.

Remarkable features

  • COMBO! Shock and tire pump in one shell.
  • Large pressure gauge.
  • Detachable pressure gauge.
  • Accurate bleed valve

Things I didn’t like

  • Inaccurate reading. Told you, you’d have to sacrifice accuracy here.
  • The hose is a bit long. It is for comfort while pumping the tire. But the long hose might make you uncomfortable while pumping the shock. Anyway, if you are a tall person – it won’t be a problem. If not, and you only need a shock pump, not a tire pump – you should pick another over it.

3. Fox Racing Shox Shock Pump 027-00-007-150 Psi Max

It is known for its large gauge meter. With such a large gauge, it is still quite portable though. It is the main reason the Fox Racing Shox Shock Pump 027-00-007 gets its place here in the portable shock pump segment.

The pump is strongly built.

Ergonomic handle. It is kind of round shaped which ensures both portability and ease of use.

The hose can swivel 360 degrees. And it is long enough to operate easily.

Extra pressure can be released by the press of a button. A single press of the button will release around 60 psi

Remarkable features

  • It is one of the most comfortable shock pumps out there.
  • Large pressure gauge. No need to squint the eyes.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • The pressure is released by button. A dial would be great but most of the pumps use buttons to release extra pressure. The impressive thing is the pressure release button is accurate. It will release 60 psi.

Things I didn’t like

  • The gauge meter is limited to 150 psi. I do not understand why they do it. Maybe, they thought you won’t need pressure more than 150 psi while on a go. Anyway, it won’t do any good to you if you need pressure reading more than 150 psi.

4. Lezyne Digital Shock Drive

I included this shock pump for its digital gauge. If you prefer a digital gauge more than an analog gauge, it will soothe your desire. But the problem is the reading is not that accurate. Expect a bit less than what you’d see at the gauge. You can read up to 350 psi though. If you want to reach 300 psi, you can. Just do not stop when you see 300 psi at once. Go a bit more.

The most impressive thing is its seal. It won’t let you face unexpected pressure loss. It is an important thing to consider because you do not want to lose the pressure you pumped so hard to get.

The build is good, very good. I wanted to fill the review article with a durable shock pump. Big gauge, small gauge, pressure loss, or extensive numbers of strokes to reach your wished psi – all can be adjusted. But if the pump itself won’t last long, where would you adjust. However, it is a very durable shock pump. Alloy built pump with a steel piston. The hose is braided and it is made of nylon.

Approximately, 106 strokes are needed to reach 150 psi which is splendid.

Remarkable features

  • 350 psi.
  • Zero pressure loss.
  • Digital gauge.
  • Only 106 strokes to reach 150 psi, efficient, less arduous.
  • Compact in size
  • Comfortable handle

Things I didn’t like

  • You know what I didn’t like already. It’s the inaccurate reading of the gauge.
  • If you need digital gauge with accurate reading, check RockShox Digital Shock Pump.

5. Topeak microshock

With the Topeak microshock, you have come to the finishing line of the Best portable mountain bike shock pump section. And astonishment still awaits. The Topeak Microshock is a very unique kind of shock pump, created only portability in mind.

It is 210mm long which is not the smallest, but it weighs only 47.7gm. It is the lightest. It doesn’t have a gauge meter, not even a bleed valve. But it does what it was meant to do, pumping shocks.

Moreover, it is very cheap. If you already have a shock pump with gauge, bleed valve, and other facilities, you might still need it for its portability. You do not have to think about the feasibility here, It is very cheap.

Remarkable features

  • Compact, the most portable mountain bike shock pump.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Very cheap.

Things I didn’t like

  • 262 strokes are needed to reach 150 psi. Efficiency could be better.

Additional mention:

6. Birzman Zama

I won’t brag much about the Birzman Zama. It is almost identical to the Topeak Microshock. It is very compact and it also doesn’t have a gauge or a bleed valve.

I included it if you prefer portability most but still need a tad less tedious activity to reach your desired pressure. While its size is completely similar to the Topeak Microshock, it weighs around 10gm more, priced a bit more but productivity is increased here. You need to stroke around 193 times to reach the 150 psi level.

The extra weight is for its metal finish. It is expected to be more durable than the Topeak Microshock.

Remarkable features

  • Compact, the most portable mountain bike shock pump
  • Very lightweight
  • Very cheap!

Before starting with the high-performance shock pumps, let’s have a glimpse over the things first you should consider to particularly pick the most suitable shock pump for you.

Mountain Bike Shock Pump Buying Guide

Mountain Bike Shock Pump Buying Guide

  • Weight: Weight doesn’t play that much role while searching for a mountain bike shock pump. The difference between the heaviest and the lightest shock pump featured here is around 206 gm. But who am I to speak that? If you want the lightest shock pump, check the Topeak microshock.
  • Length: Length plays the same role as weight does. The difference between the longest and the shortest shock pump featured here is around 145mm. anyway, if you want to get a short shock pump, check the SKS MSP.
  • Gauge: Gauge plays an important role indeed. Gauges tweak your choice in four ways.
    There are some shock pumps where you could remove the gauge. These shock pumps are an excellent choice for portability. But most of the cases they don’t come with a bleed valve too. Here’s a shock pump where the gauge can be removed. Check the Rambo R107.
    Some other shock pumps have a large gauge. Easy to catch the meter. Here’s such one. Check Zefal Z-shock.
    Gauge can be analog or digital. You can pick the digital reading quickly and accurately than an analog one. But remember, not every shock pump with a digital gauge will give the exact correct result. Keep the fact in mind before buying. The RockShox 300 digital gives very accurate results.
    Another important thing to consider is the Gauge meter limit. Almost all shock pumps come with meters which can count up to 300 psi. Usually, you do not need over that. But if you need to surpass the limit, you can pick RockShox High Pressure 600 psi.
  • Stroke to reach 150 psi: How much stroke is needed to meet a certain psi can evaluate the efficiency of a shock pump. Pumping the suspensions is kind of an arduous task. You might want to finish it as soon as possible.
    The most efficient and portable shock pump reviewed in this article is SKS MSP
    The most efficient and high performance shock pump reviewed in this article is Rockshox High Pressure 60psi.
  • Bleed valve: Almost every shock pump has a bleed valve. Bleed valves release a tiny amount of pressure. There are two options to operate this. Dial or button. In my opinion, dials are more practical than button bleed valve. With dial, you can start releasing the pressure and you can stop exactly when you want.
    On the other hand, a button bleed valve releases a little amount of pressure. Say your bleed valve releases 3 psi but you need to reduce 2 psi. You need to pump a bit again to reach your desired pressure.
    The SKS MSP has a dial bleed valve system.
  • Connector’s integrity: While using some shock pumps, you will lose pressure upon detaching. Check for a rigid connector. The SKS MSP has a two-stage connector. It is pretty good. I didn’t find any loss of pressure while using it.

Best High performance Mountain Bike Shock Pumps

Best High performance Mountain Bike Shock Pumps

In this section, high performance and efficiency get priority over portability.


This is a robust and high capacity mountain bike shock pump. But before talking about the performance, let’s hear something about its versatility.

It comes with auto/Schrader valve attachment. This makes SKS USP a very good choice for local cycle shops where people come to fine-tune their suspensions. It can serve almost every bike.

Professional-grade aluminum is used to build this shock pump. It will last longer.

You can read up to 315 psi on its gauge. You are getting 15 higher than usual shock pumps. Anyway, if you need more capacity, you should check the RockShox High Pressure 600 psi.

Most importantly, it’s gauge is the most accurate I confronted. This is where it shines as a high performance shock pump the most. If you want to place a shock pump to your workshop, it is the best choice.

It is very efficient too. You will have to stroke 94 approx to reach 150 psi landmark.

Remarkable features

  • SKS USP. USP stands for Universal Shock Pump. It can be attached to almost every mountain bike.
  • Durable
  • Gauge meter limit 315 psi.
  • No loss of pressure.
  • Very accurate pressure gauge.
  • Very efficient. Stroke to reach 150 psi: 94.

Things I didn’t like

  • Gauge could be bigger cause this shock pump is not for portable usage. A bigger gauge wouldn’t hurt.

2. Venzo Bike Bicycle 300 PSI High Pressure Dual Double Face with Gauge

Venzo is new in business regarding Rockshox or other reputed manufacturers. Venzo equipped this shock pump with a unique feature. This makes the Venzo dual gauge shock pump is a very good choice who needs accuracy while pumping suspensions.

Venzo has two gauges, placed opposite of each other. One gauge can give you reading up to 300 psi while the other is limited to 110 psi. If you want to fine-tune your suspensions precisely, use the second gauge. It takes much space to resemble 110 psi. It enables you to pump very accurately.

The nozzle is top-notch. No pressure will be lost.

Remarkable features

  • No air loss nozzle.
  • 1st gauge is limit 300 psi, 2nd gauge is limited to 110 psi
  • Very cheap

Things I didn’t like

  • There is none regarding its price.

3. RockShox High-Pressure Shock Pump 600 psi

It is mostly known for its 600 psi gauge. People usually do need such big reading but in case if you need it, it is good that there is an option.

The gauge reading is very accurate. You will 79 psi while it shows 80 on the meter.

The pump is very efficient. You will need to stroke for 90 times only if you want to reach 150 psi landmark.

Thinks I liked

  • 600 psi gauge.
  • Durable
  • Accurate gauge reading.
  • Stroke to reach 150 psi: 90

Thinks I didn’t like

  • A digital gauge would be best. Or the gauge size could be bigger.

4. Zefal Z-shock

This is the only choice here who needs a large gauge.

Big sized gauge makes it easier to use.

The gauge limit here is 360 psi. Serves the most for this purpose.

Remarkable features

  • Large gauge.
  • 360 psi gauge meter.

Things I didn’t like

  • It doesn’t fit perfectly in most bikes. Pressure will be lost while detaching. Sometimes even while pumping. So, if you do not mind some extra pumping, it is okay but if not, you should check SKS USP

5. RockShox Digital Shock Pump

Another Shock pump with a digital gauge featured here was not that accurate. But the RockShox digital shock pump is very accurate. If you need a comfortable to work with shock pump, this is the most comfortable shock pump in terms of accuracy and if you do not usually need to reach beyond 150 psi.

Efficiency is not that good though. You will need to stroke 120 times approx. to reach 150 psi landmark. And you will have to put more effort after 150 psi, than what you did to reach it. Per stroke is still the same efficient but you will have to use your muscles more.

Remarkable features

  • Digital display.
  • Accurate reading.
  • Cheap!

Things I didn’t like

  • Things get harder after 150 psi.

The Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Shock Pump

I depicted the shock pumps so far was roaming different genres, but none of them is super easy to use. Its because pumping shocks are quite a strenuous job. It gets more difficult when you hold it in one hand and pump with the other.

Lezyne has a certain model where you can place the pump on the floor and then pump it. You do not have to hold it with one hand here. You can use two hands just to pump the shocks.

1. LEZYNE Shock Digital Drive Bicycle Floor Pump

It is a very robustly built shock pump too. CNC aluminum is used. Very durable.

In terms of durability, the hose is also high grade. It is made with reinforced nylon. It is braided too. The couplers are aluminum made.

It is also a very good choice for local cycle shop owners where people come to tune their shocks. it is very accurate, easy to pump, comes with Presta valve attachment.

On top of everything, it has a digital gauge.

Remarkable features

  • Floor pump, very easy to use.
  • Accurate
  • Digital display.
  • Versatile, comes with Presta attachment.
  • Very durable.

Different shock pumps have different strong zones. If you can narrow down your preference, suitable shock pumps for you exists. Let me summarize the whole article below in terms of different needs.

  • If you need the most portable shock pump (without a gauge and bleed valve) – Topeak microshock/Birzman Zama
  • If you need a portable yet high performer – SKS MSP
  • If you need the most comfortable shock pump, accurate digital display (it is expensive) – LEZYNE Shock Digital Drive Bicycle Floor Pump
  • If you don’t want to break your wallet but need accurate digital display – RockShox Digital shock pump
  • Local cycle shop owners or who needs to pump shocks from many mountain bikes – SKS USP/Lezyne Floor pump
  • If you want a pump which could pump both your shocks and tires – Rambo R107
  • If you want shock pump with detachable gauge – Zefal Z-shock/Fox 027-00-007 (150 psi)
  • If you need up to 600psi gauge reading – RockShox High pressure gauge 600 psi
  • If you need Dual gauge for more accuracy – Venzo dual gauge shock pump
  • If you need large gauge – Zefal Z-shock/Fox 027-00-007 (150 psi)/Rambo R107 (with detachable gauge)

I wanted to meet every type of consumer’s necessity while choosing the best mountain bike shock pumps. If you have some other marvelous shock pump which I didn’t mention here. Feel free to give a shout below with your opinion. Thanks!!!

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