Best Bike for Wheelies Reviews in 2020 [Buyer’s Guide Includes]

Best Bike for WheeliesBikes are just like the burgers, sometimes you just eat to reduce hunger, and then again you feel you must spice it up a little. And to spice your life a bit, there are challenging activities or stunts. When it comes to bicycles, you don’t need to pay for fuels. And so, doing stunts like wheelies can be fun yet affordable!

And if you are up for fun with your friends, try some bike for wheelies so that you enjoy every ride. Here, we have come up with an exciting list of the best bike for wheelies. All you need to do is keep the stem short, wheels small, seat low and center of gravity on the front wheel. And you are ready to go!

Take a look at these best deals and we assure you will not be able to check out without ordering one! Get one and enjoy smooth rides!

Best Bike for Wheelies [Comparison Table]

Images Bike Name Wheel Size Handlebar Warranty Price
SE Ripper BMX Bike SE Ripper BMX Bike   20 inches 650mm Lifetime Warranty
Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike 16-20 inches 520mm Lifetime Warranty
Diamondback Bicycles Mountain Bike Diamondback Bicycles Mountain Bike 27.5 inches 720mm N/A
Redline MX Race Bike Redline MX Race Bike 20 inches N/A 1 year
Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er Mountain Bike Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er Mountain Bike 29 inches 680mm 2 years

Best Wheelie Bike Reviews

Best Wheelie Bike Reviews

1. SE Ripper BMX Bike

Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 22.4 lbs.
  • 6061 alloy crankset
  • KMC S1 chain
  • Grippy seat top cover
  • FPD alloy pedals
  • Euro bottom bracket

If you have used the previous models then you are going to love this model more than that one. This year, this SE Ripper has improved a lot. The new parts along with the amazing additions in the features will surely mesmerize you. The frame of this bike is made of 6061 Aluminum Floval Tubing. The landing gear forks along with the FPD Alloy platform pedals are going to give you smooth rides.

The weight of this best bike for wheelies is 22.4 lbs. The chain is of KMC S1. The seating facility is high-quality as it is made of Alloy. This bike has a headset that is 1-1/8 inches threadless. The Seatpost is made of race rocker micro-adjust alloy and is of 27.2mm. To afford you comfortable rides, this bike for the wheelies is perfect. It has perfect and comfortable grips. Along with this, you get the rubber end plugs and the donuts! The top cover of the seat is attached carefully for not moving at all.

With this bike kit, there are several accessories added for giving the wheelies the best shot in every ride. It comes with a bike life number plate. Also, there is a bike padset added. For security, alloy valve caps are added. And the best thing for the wheelies is the wheelie pegs that come with this SE Ripper BMX Bike. This bike is extremely high-priced. In this case, you can also get wheelie bikes for sale to avoid extra expenses.


  • SE wing handlebar
  • Comfortable grips
  • Comes with wheelie pegs
  • Durable alloy platform
  • Comfortable and secure seating
  • Available colors
  • Rubber end plugs


  • Incredibly expensive

2. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Highlighted Features

  • Gearing: 40x16T
  • 170mm crankset
  • Single-speed riding facility
  • Alloy rear U brakes
  • Cast aluminum wheels
  • Sealed bearings
  • Weight capacity of 220 pounds

If your kid is new to the BMX bike world and you want to buy something authentic, you can get him this Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX bike. This is one of the most amazing bikes for beginners. This brand is leading the market for 40 years and still in the business because people love it! These bikes are highly durable because it has Hi-ten steel BMX frames that will take you through every tough road! On the other hand, the fork of this bike is sturdy enough for every ride.

The wheels of this bike are made of cast aluminum to ensure tough rides smoothly! Also, the bearings are sealed. These can turn heads too. It comes with U-brakes that are made of alloy so that your kid gets secure stops every time. On the other hand, the handlebars are 7.75 inches. The headset is 1 inch and is threaded.

This bike is just the right deal for every type of terrain. There is also a cable detangler added with this device. This is added so that one can go for 360-degree handlebar spins while riding. If you are worried about the speed control then be worry-free. It is because; it has alloy caliper hand brakes for protection!


  • Beginner-friendly bike
  • Durable Hi-ten steel BMX steel frame
  • 4 freestyle pegs for beginners
  • Extremely adjustable
  • Immediate stopping capability
  • Alloy caliper for security
  • Air inflated wheels


  • Not great for seasoned bikers
  • Adjusting requires right seized wrench

3. Diamondback Bicycles Mountain Bike

Highlighted Features

  • Hand-built aluminum frame
  • XCM 120mm travel suspension fork
  • SRAM single ring 1×8 drivetrain
  • Low-slung geometry
  • Wheels of 27.5 inches
  • Steel chain-ring

If you are here to get the best mountain bike (Mtb) for wheelies, you can get your hands in this amazing Diamondback bike. When you are doing a wheelie, the pressure of the whole body along with the bike falls upon the front wheel. And when it comes to the front wheel of this best bicycle for wheelies, you can easily rely on the high-quality.

The frame is modern and to ensure perfect wheelies, the front of the mountain bike is long. The back is short. If you are in the hills with this amazing bike, you will surely feel the thrill. There are dropper posts that are internally routed. The basic construction of this bicycle bike is made of aluminum.

This sturdy device has smooth shifting when it comes to riding. On the other hand, it is simple to operate. The 120mm travel suspension fork that is added with this bike can tackle the trail obstacles easily. The hook tires of this wheelie bike are 2.36 inches wide. The assembly requires a little bit of time. But the aggressive geometry this bike has makes it look tougher and better!


  • Short back and long front
  • Easily tackles train obstacles
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Modern and high-grade frame
  • Has smooth shifting
  • Aggressive geometry for a tough look


  • No kickstand included
  • Length installation process

4. Redline MX Race Bike

Highlighted Features

  • Colors: 5 colors
  • Free-wheel bike
  • Aluminum construction
  • 3 piece 155mm cranks
  • Pedals included
  • Double-wall rims

If you want the good bikes for wheelies, you can give this Redline MX race bikes a try. It is tough to get a race bike which is equally perfect for a wheelie. And if you are confused and you don’t want to get two bikes, you can purchase this Redline MX bike.

The best part about this bike is this is durable. As this bike is made of aluminum, you can rely on the quality of this wheelie bike. This aluminum 3-piece 155mm cranks will be perfect for riding the tough roads. The pedals are included in this bike kit.

When it comes to riding, this bike is the best bike to learn a wheelie as it is convenient. On the other hand, doing the assembly is very easy even for beginners. All you need to do is attach the stem along with the front wheel. Adjusting the bike handle is also easy.  This is a free-wheel bike and you also get five different colors to choose from. You are also capable of choosing different sizes according to your requirements.


  • Different sizes available
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Convenient rides
  • Attaching stem is easy
  • Adjusting bike handles is effortless
  • Lightweight body


  • Assembly requires additional gears
  • Not perfect for experienced bikers

5. Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er Mountain Bike

Highlighted Features

  • 29er wheels
  • Grippy tires
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes
  • 24-speed drivetrain
  • 680mm handlebars
  • 100mm Suntour fork

If you are searching for a hydraulic disc mountain bike for wheelie, this will be the best bet for you. This Tommaso Gran Sasso bike includes a measured frame along with the perfect handlebar width. The stem length to the crank arm length, you get everything perfect for your size when it comes to the bikes of Tommaso.

There are experienced bikers who want something tough when it comes to competition. If you want to compete and get a better wheelie every day, have faith in this bike. This bike includes an alloy frame so that it can ensure long-lasting service for you. If you are going for tough mountain trails, there can be nothing better than this. The 29er wheels are rugged and sturdy so that you can climb easily. It has hydraulic disc brakes for stopping wherever you want.

It has a 100mm fork that is very adaptable when it comes to difficult rides. The handlebar is 680mm so that you can control the bike the way you have always wanted.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Adaptable fork
  • Rugged wheels for tough rides
  • Measured alloy frame
  • Smooth rides
  • Powerful brakes
  • Comes with warranty


  • Not good for beginners
  • Require tuning

6. Dynacraft Tony Hawk Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike

Highlighted Features

  • Freestyle bike
  • Front and rear caliper brakes
  • 20 inches design
  • Durable custom grips
  • 48 spoke wheels
  • Full cover chain guard

Getting your kid a freestyle bike for wheelie is tough. It is because you have to ensure perfect rides keeping pace with the security of your kid. In this case, get him a beginner-friendly wheelie bike. And when it comes to the easiest bike to wheelie, you can try this Dynacraft Tony Hawk BMX bike. From smooth rides along with the ultimate safety!

This includes a full cover chain guard. Along with this, there are highly adjustable custom grips. Also, this 20 inches bike has front pegs. On the other hand, the rear pegs are also included. The 48 spoke wheels ensure that you have the perfect wheelies so far!

The frame is deluxe and sturdy. With this bike, you will have quick jargon. The freestyle handlebar rotor makes your learning and grasping the techniques of wheelie faster. It has a handy kickstand to make the ride easy for you!


  • Designed for beginners
  • Sturdy and deluxe design
  • Secure rides
  • Handy kickstand for easy rides
  • Easy for learning wheelie techniques
  • Extremely adjustable


  • Not perfect for experienced wheelies
  • Bearings are not that good

7. Schwinn Predator Team Freestyle BMX Bike

Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 34 pounds
  • Hi-tensile steel frame
  • 1-inch headset
  • 15-inches frame
  • Chrome and high-shine finish
  • 24-inch wheels
  • Front and rear caliper

When you are dealing with the topnotch bikes with hi-tensile steel construction, you will hear the name of Schwinn. And this Freestyle BMX bike includes everything you want for smooth rides in the tough roads. People who love wheelies will also love this bike; it is because it has a steel frame. On the other hand, the aluminum alloy rims make the bike enduring.

It has a classic gum wall tired along with caliper brakes. So, stop wherever you want! The frame is 15 inches and it includes a 1-inch headset. The weight of the bike is about 34 pounds. The chromes frame gives the bike a retro look.

It includes 24 inches wheels and rattrap pedals. All you need to do is assemble this bike and go for the ride! The front and rear caliper brakes are of high-quality. The steel axels make it perfect as a racing bike!


  • Top-notch quality
  • Retro-finish for a tough look
  • High-quality brakes
  • Easy assembly
  • Affordable in price
  • Great for beginners and seasoned bikers


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Not a modern design

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Buyer’s Guide for Wheelie Bikes

Buyer’s Guide for Wheelie Bikes

  • Frame: When it comes to the perfect bike for wheelie, you have to keep the frame of the bike small. Yes, longer bikes are not the right deal for the wheelies. Shorter framed bikes help you in controlling the bike easily. Also, try to settle for lightweight bikes. And this is the reason most of the wheelie bikes are constructed with Aluminum. Aluminum is a very sturdy material but at the same time, this is very lightweight.
  • Rims or Disk Brakes: If you are well aware of the gears of a bicycle, you will know what rims or disc brakes are. When you are searching for a bike for a wheelie, you have to be very cautious about the brake system. No matter you are settling for the rim brake system or disc brake system, you have to be careful. Disc brakes are available in hydraulic and mechanical types. If you are up for wheelie, try to go for the disc brake system.
  • Wheels: As you are here for wheelies, you have to emphasize the wheels too! Robust wheels can make the best movements! On the other hand, wheels should be reliable so that they are capable of holding the weight of the rider. Go for tires that last long in the off-roads.
  • Handlebars: The two important handlebars are the flat and the riser. If you are up for a lighter handlebar that can sit lower, go for the flat handlebar. On the contrary, if you are up for picking a handlebar that sits higher, settle for the riser bar. Riser handlebars tend to be more comfortable as they are broad.

FAQs on Best Bike for Wheelies


Q1. How to do a wheelie on a bicycle?

Ans: First of all, you have to adjust the seat. Try to keep it in a low setting so that you can keep the balance. Now, you have to start rolling the speed. Don’t go to the highest gear at first. Start from the low gear and then roll it to the medium.

Now, you have to pull the body over the handlebars of your bike. For this, try to crouch the upper part of the body and then switch the cranks at position 11.00. At the same time, you have to pedal down. Keep the faith in the rear brake here, don’t flip over backward.

Q2. What are wheelies?

Ans: Wheelie is a bicycle or bike stunt were you ride on the front wheel of the bike. In this case, the back wheel along with the whole bike or bicycle gets raised in the air.

You can do it in any wheeled vehicle. In short, the act of keeping the front wheel on the ground and raising the rear part in the air is wheelie.

Q3. What makes a bike easy to wheelie?

Ans: If you are getting a bike that has a short chain-stay, it will make the wheelie easier. The reason behind this is the center of gravity.

In most cases, you have to settle for short seats. Also, for easy wheelie, get a bike that has a short stem. Smaller wheels also make a difference when it comes to wheelie.

Q4. Does the wheelie damage the bicycle?

Ans: If you are trying to do a wheelie on the bicycles made for doing a wheelie, it will not damage your bicycle.

But if you try to wheelie on the regular bicycles or bikes available in the market, it might damage the bike. Also, this is risky for your body too.

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You have been through the best bikes for wheelies and now, it is time to buy one. We have also told you the ins and outs before you plan on getting a bicycle for doing a wheelie. Now, it is your job to set your requirements and get the desired bike!

After purchasing, let us know which one you bought. If you already have any of these wheelie bikes, comment below to let us know about your experience.

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